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CoolFire positive mental health, emotional literacy and holistic wellbeing therapeutic resources teachers students children
CoolFire – Therapeutic programmes and resources to develop a whole-school approach to positive mental health, emotional literacy and holistic wellbeing

CoolFire has made a real difference to the way both teachers and students Feel, Think and Act

Over the last seven years years, we have staged CoolFire programmes / workshops for over 8,500 young people (ages 3 – 18+) and 3,500+ teachers and wider school staff – working with many partners throughout the UK and Europe – including:

  • North Yorkshire County Council – Local Education Authority (LEA)
  • Thurrock Borough Council LEA
  • Southend Borough Council LEA
  • NASUWT Teaching union – national conferences and events
  • The European Union – in Austria
  • The MOFET Institute – Israel
  • Belgrade University Education and Teacher Training faculty
  • – and many more

CoolFire – Teacher and Staff Workshops

NASUWT Creating Calm workshop teacher and school staff positive mental health and holistic wellbeing
Dave Read leading a Creating Calm workshop at a national Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) conference staged by NASUWT in Birmingham

Dave has provided a range of Creating Calm workshops for NASUWT members throughout the last 10 years, both for highly experienced and Newly Qualified Teachers. He provides a holistic framework of practical techniques for lowering stress and promoting wellbeing which are then specifically related to the classroom – which is one reason why many members find them invaluable.

Phil Siddle – National Recruitment Manager – NASUWT

Thank-you so much for the fantastic live online session with my student teachers from a UK instructor with a very engaging style. The theory was also extremely useful, enabling us to understand how our actions are part of an everyday Mind-Body loop. I look forward to working again with you in the future.

Dr Olzan Goldstein – Head of School of Advanced Studies – Kaye College of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel

Your Creating Calm workshop gave new and interesting insights into both our personal development and the practice of teaching. We would be very interested in exploring further how we can work together to use this in our partner schools across Serbia.

Dr Vera Radovic – Director of the Belgrade University Education and Teacher Training Faculty
CoolFire Emotional Intelligence mental health wellbeing science neuropeptides
“So what and where is the mind..?”

Enjoyable. Easy to follow. Felt so energised. CoolFire is essential for wellbeing. Great use of materials and delivery.

Class teacher. Three Towers Academy, Wigan

Felt so calm and relaxed – fantastic. Very easy – with immediate results.

Katy H – Barnes Junior School

Widely applicable – simple instructions: all teachers and staff would benefit from Creating Calm

Sundus A – Darnall Forum – Sheffield City Council

I normally suffer from chronic pain – but I became completely relaxed

CH – Class Teacher – Chalkwell Infant School, Southend-on-Sea

Teachers on CoolFire Workshops for Students

Emotional Literacy Schools emotional mental and physical wellbeing
“Letting Go…” – the first part of the CoolFire Gateway workshop.
Changing the feeling…

“I have never seen my class like this – so calm, relaxed. It was great.”

“The greatest impact was seen on those with the most challenging behaviour – they calmed down completely.”

“Especially beneficial to those experiencing anger and emotional difficulties”

Year 4 & 5 teachers – Thameside Junior School, Thurrock, Essex

The CoolFire Gateway and pre-school sessions were excellent! Well run – and wonderfully presented. The children had a great day and learnt much to do with Emotional Intelligence

Ed Callaway – Preparatory School Leader – Widford Lodge School, Chelmsford, Essex
CoolFire Bodyworks self-image Mind Body Feelings classwork
CoolFire – “Welcome to your Body” – a central workshop exploring the central role of our body and self-image

CoolFire Explorer has made a profound and permanent difference to our Year 6 group of 15 students who had a complex mix of emotional and learning needs. Many are now so much more calm and focused in class, relate better to their teachers, peers and families. They can now also begin to consciously work through issues without the former anger and frustration.

Ms Jackie Irwin – former Deputy Headteacher at Mayflower Primary School, Harwich, Essex

Listening better: more motivated: participating more: more sessions please!

Year 6 Teacher – Richmond Avenue Primary School, Southend-on-Sea, essex

Students Talking About CoolFire

CoolFire emotional mental physical wellbeing students teachers staff

“I was surprised by the control we had over our energy”

“I can calm down and concentrate more”

“When I’m angry, I can channel my energy”

“It was the best treat ever. I would like to do it again.”

Year 6 students – Tudor Court Primary School, Thurrock, Essex

“I learnt how to be still”

“I felt joyful, surprised, excited, relaxed, tired, warm”

“I learnt that I had the skills to concentrate and balance”

“It was brilliant!”

Years 5 and 6 students – St John’s Primary School, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
CoolFire Mind Body Feelings exploring workshop classwork
“BodyWorks” – follow-up classwork as part of the second central workshop of the “CoolFire-Connect” 1-week programme

“The emotions of excitement and peace together was amazing…”

“People who get angry easily should try this”

“I learnt I could express my feelings”

“It was fun, breath-taking, powerful”

Years 3-6 students – Hinguar Primary School, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

“It can change your attitude and behaviour”

“To listen to my body when it’s tired”

“I could be quiet for once and believe in myself…”

“I’m spending less time on computer games – it makes your heart race”

“It was life changing”

“Please can you guys come back again..?”

Years 4-6 students – Quarry Hill primary School, Thurrock, Essex

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