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Deliver Consistent Compassionate Care through Holistic Compassionate Personal Development

  • New Energy, Emotional, Mental and Physical Resilience
  • Through: Developing an Everyday Holistic Balance of Mind, Body and Feelings
  • Enabling You to: Provide Consistent, Compassionate Care - avoiding burnout
  • Maintain and Develop Your Personal Health and Wellbeing
  • Greatly Reduce Prevailing Stress, Tension and Anxiety
what is Compassionise

What is Compassionise?

Whatever the illness or condition, a compassionate relationship between the practitioner and patient is a vital part of the healing process, but can often become an almost infinite act of selfless giving. The instinct is to help, to sympathise and perhaps to visibly identify with the patient’s feelings and needs.

But combine this with the ever-increasing operational pressures and demands - particularly within the National Health Service and residential care sector - and you can also quickly feel continuously tired, stressed and drained. This could quickly become a contiuing state of being, leading to personal ill-health that undermines your professional capacity to provide effective care and support.

Compassionise is a completely new initiative that will empower medical and care staff working at every organisational level to not only deliver sustainable, compassionate care through holistic personal development, but will also have a positive impact on all professional and personal relationships.

Rather than exercises in patient interaction, Compassionise seeks to create an everyday state of Energised Calm within each member of staff through actively working with the interaction of the inseparable BodyMind relationship. Hence, previous elements of reactive and objective behaviour, frequently driven by operational imperatives, come to be replaced by a calmer, more patient-centred approach - as reflected in the practitioner’s own emotional, mental and physical perspective.

Compassionise is a flexible modular programme combining the innovative holistic approach of Dave Read’s MyQuest Navigator and CoolFire therapeutic programmes with the pioneering work of Sir Tom Lucas – particularly in relation to the spine, back & neck.

How Does Compassionise Work?

Compassionise starts with You. It will positively change how you feel, think and act, enabling you to provide effective, compassionate care by being able to promote and protect your own mental health and holistic wellbeing.

We are not going to teach you “how to”, but enable you to care and interact with patients through combining a number of established therapeutic disciplines that will support you in creating your own personal balance of Mind, Body and Feelings. So whereas your previous state of tension or internal flux might have prompted a reaction, you now begin to make a more objective choice – to be the cause not the effect in all your actions and relationships.

Compassionise will have both an immediate and sustainable impact, comprising of five, highly practical, interactive one-day modules – each being an independent workshop that builds into the complete programme. Staff development is sustained through small Compassionise teams drawn from a strategic cross-section of identified staff who are able to deliver internal training and support. Participants can also access the Compassionise Download Bank that offers a continually expanding resource of guided exercises and techniques. In addition, you can also draw on continuing direct support via Skype, email and phone.

Who Is Compassionise For?

Compassionise will help to transform the compassionate care and dialogue which is at the heart of any patient-practitioner relationship - from the vast number of roles within the NHS to professionals working across a wide range of private health provision, including hospitals, Care Homes, staff agencies - and more...

The Compassionise Healthcare Emotional Literacy Training

To send a enquiry about the Compassionise Emotional Literacy Training options available to Healthcare professionals please complete the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours with the different options available to you.

You can also call Dave on 07804 785 305

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIn what ways does Compassionise differ from other programmes?

    Compassionise is not just another set of checklists & rehearsed behaviours to action when relating to patients – instead we work with you – the practitioner – through a holistic perspective that seeks to create a balance of Mind, Body & Feelings that in turn, will underpin an everyday state of Energised Calm. Rather than simply remembering to apply a set of applied criteria through your own state of flux, you will be able to share your own renewed state of balance & compassion on a sustainable basis.

  • q-iconWhat is the scientific evidence for the Compassionise Approach?

    Compassionise integrates ground-breaking research that brings together the previously distinct fields of Neuroscience, Endocrinology & Immunology with established therapeutic disciplines to create innovative holistic practice based on definitive proof of the inseparable Mind-Body connection.

  • q-iconWhat are the benefits of the Compassionise Approach?

    Compassionise will have an immediate & sustainable positive effect – giving you new: vitality; energy; motivation; emotional & physical resilience – through consciously working with the BodyMind relationship; developing a more objective emotional, mental & physical perspective; replacing reactive behaviour with calm, conscious choices; boosting your immune system – enabling you to: provide consistent, compassionate care to your patients, colleagues & family; avoid emotional/mental burnout; maintain & develop your own holistic health; greatly reduce stress & anxiety – on all personal & professional levels.

  • q-iconIs Compassionise flexible in its delivery?

    Very much so. Compassionise is modular so that staff at all levels will benefit from each self-contained 1-day workshop – that also build into a complete holistic programme. So you can decide on the number, frequency & place where you would like the workshop(s) to be delivered within your timeframe.

  • q-iconHow is Compassionise “Sustainable”?

    Each module is underpinned by a comprehensive set of reference notes – which is potentially further reinforced by smaller teams of in-house staff that have received further Compassionise training. Participants can also gain access to the Compassionise Download Bank featuring exercises & techniques in the form of short videos, MP4 audio and pdf’s – all of which enables each person to learn & integrate the approach at their own pace. All staff can also call on additional support in the form of Skype, email & phone.

Dave Read is passionate about fully exploring & harnessing the wide-ranging therapeutical aspects of Emotional Intelligence and Literacy as a force to achieve holistic wellbeing & balance – and to transform classroom relationships – unlocking the deepest potential of all students, teachers & school staff.

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