Theresa May Announces Schools Mental Health Initiative

Prime Minister Theresa May recently announced a new schools mental health initiative to support teachers in recognising the early signs of mental health issues within their pupils.

Theresa May Prime Minister schools mental health

Those who claim this is belated, also welcome the renewed focus on mental health and wellbeing within schools.

But extensive research shows that young people of all ages are facing significant challenges:

  •  1 in 10 children aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder; this equates to around three children in every school class.
  • Nearly 80,000 (about 1 in a 100) children and young people suffer from severe depression.
  • Just over 510,000 (5.8%) children and young people have a conduct disorder.

CoolFire and Creating Positive Schools Mental Health

CoolFire can work as a separate initiative or actively build on Emotional First Aid training. Our holistic programmes bring about actual change and can soon embed a whole-school approach to emotional literacy and positive mental health that help enable children from a young age to:

  • Create a conscious state of emotional and physical security
  • Create an everyday state of Energised Calm
  • Use the varied range of daily in-class and home routines to develop a balance of Mind, Body and Feelings
  • Develop empathy and resilience
  • Objectively work with the everyday interaction of feelings, thought and actions

CoolFire : Reset – A New Resource

CoolFire works to create long-term, sustainable positive mental health, wellbeing and lifeskills. But it’s also important to respond to emerging short-term issues or those perhaps identified through Emotional First Aid.

CoolFire : Reset is a new, flexible resource designed to work as an integrated part of a wider or perhaps multi-agency approach to support the short-term wellbeing and mental health needs of young people.

CoolFire : Reset seeks to enable each young person to return to an original emotional, mental and physical benchmark that previously existed – through:

  • Initial sessions of selected therapies (such as Reiki) to create a renewed state of profound calm and balance
  • CoolFire : Reset – one to one, or small group workshops that empowers each young person to actively work with their current self-perspectives; then to create short-term practical CoolFire strategies that dissolve the power and recurring patterns of negative – and limiting – self-beliefs
  • Actively working with teachers, school staff and allied external agencies to optimise the impact of CoolFire : Reset as part of a fully integrated approach

To explore how you can work with CoolFire to integrate Emotional Literacy, wellbeing and positive mental health within every aspect of your school’s culture, contact Dave Read here at


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